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Trinity Raw

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Phone: (530) 739-2693

Email: TrinityRaw@chef.net

Website: www.TrinityRaw.com

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Trinity Raw began as an extention of tannere's rafting company where he would serve up his chocolates. They were so popular that he eventually stopped rafting and started making chocolate full time. Tannere and Amy started as a cottage food industry based out of their home kitchen, then moved into a shared commercial kitchen at Redwood Acres and just recently moved into their own dedicated facility right next to the fairgrounds's office. They just received our organic certification and are very happy to be able to provide some of the best quality delicacies they can create. You can find them at both Coops, both ENFs, Wildberries, Essential Elements Spa, and over in Weaverville at Mountain Marketplace. We hope you like them as much as we do.
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