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Rooted Beginnings

   On a beautiful late September day in 1937, and spurred on by growing popular public interests in horse racing; what was once 40 acres of stump-covered ground opened for the first time as the City of Eureka’s local agricultural exposition and racing plant of the Ninth Agricultural Association. The Humboldt Standard reported that the $50,000 venture was, “one of the most magnificent plants of its kind in the entire county.” For the official opening a grand parade took place featuring show horses, race horses, and livestock in a procession leading to the race track and moving towards the tracks finish-line which stretched out in front of the grandstands. A large blue ribbon draped across the finish line and was cut signifying the official opening of Redwood Acres Fairgrounds as the four day event began. An admission to the Fair that first year was 50 cents per person, and even city offices, schools, and businesses closed at noon so everyone could attend. Having yet to construct any buildings on the grounds, a huge tent was erected to shelter the 120 Humboldt firms and local vendor’s displaying exhibits of floriculture, horticulture, agriculture, as well as local products popular at that time.
   History of the 9th District Agricultural Association fair goes back to 1880 and was formed and operated originally in Rohnerville for 16 years. For a while between the years of 1899 until 1904 the 9th District Agricultural Association fair operated and conducted business at the Occidental Pavilion at Second St. and A St. in Eureka.  
   In 1941 the Redwood Acres Fair (as with most fairs in the country) closed due to WWII and returned to business as usual once peace was restored.
   Seventy-seven years later Eureka’s beautiful Redwood Acres remains a thriving community resource within our Humboldt County bustling with wholesome family fun, unique opportunities, events, and positive local growth. We remain firmly rooted to our founding mission and are extremely active in the “real-time” agriculture of today; whether it involves farming, livestock, fisheries, healthy land management, or as an ever valuable resource for agricultural education and classes of all types. Redwood acres has embarked on a wonderful path of positive independent renewal which will steer our beloved fairgrounds and event foyer’ into the future; allowing us to continue our mission of community support to all who call upon us while remaining a fun, safe, and enjoyable place to be for all; private, commercial, entrepreneurial, or otherwise. September 2014 promises to be a great month in which we turn seventy eight years old. We look forward to seeing you soon here at the Historical Redwood Acres.
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