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Silk Bliss Water Marbling

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Larissa Haney, the owner of Silk Bliss is an accidental artist, having discovered art after a serious health issue seven years ago. When she discovered water marbling it was an instantaneous fascination. The motion of the randomly scattered paint on the water as it is manipulated with the tools is as magical as the first time she saw it. She has dedicated several years into learning and perfecting the many historic patterns that date back hundreds of years. Many of these patterns were often found on fancy endpapers of antique books. Larissa has also developed some patterns and designs all of her own inspired by the natural beauty in Humboldt County where she grew up. Every single scarf is imbued with the passion and joy she has in creating it. Silk Bliss creates individually handmade scarves in Humboldt county. The scarves are created in an art studio that is built into a renovated barn near the redwood forest. Every Silk Bliss scarf is crafted one at a time and can not be duplicated, however styles and colors can be replicated with the same paint colors and similar patterns, but due to the artistic process each scarf will be as different and unique as the wearer. The scarves are 100% silk and can be gently washed by hand in cool water as needed. They will be a fashionable addition to any wardrobe and will delight the wearer for many years. Because of their unique beauty we feel that they will be a fabulous gift or indulgence for just about anyone.

Silk Bliss also offers workshops to all ages so you can make your own masterpiece. The classes are offered weekly, but a minimum of 6 scarves are needed to set up any class. We can also set up private events. The scarves are $36 to make your own. We have specials available often. We also offer paper water-marbling and smaller handkerchief workshops that are less expensive.
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